Warehouse System POS Software Bangladesh

This warehouse pos software Bangladesh features analyzes sales by salesperson or by item, data backup / restore feature to keep data safe, item management, product management, inventory management, accounts management, and purchase management.

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basic price 15,000 taka

Features At A Glance

  • Multi warehouse / outlet system
  • Warehouse / outlet-wise sales and purchase
  • Warehouse / outlet-wise stock reports
  • Unlimited warehouse / outlet created by admin
  • Warehouse wise invoice / bill / memo / voucher create
  • Generates auto bill invoice
  • Supports receipt printers that use roll paper
  • Manages item pricing and offered discounts
  • Analyze sales by salesperson or by item
  • Data backup / restore feature to keep data safe
  • Item management
  • Product management
  • Inventory management
  • Accounts management
  • Purchase management
  • SMS system (Sales and Purchase)
  • 50+ business reports generate

Frequently Asked Questions

POS software is used instead of cash registers to perform business accounting. It makes the tasks of the sales staff of any business easier, faster and more organized. We will know detailed information about Warehouse POS Software in Bangladesh.

The full form of POS is Point Of Sell. POS or Point of Sale software is a tool that can be used to manage all the operations of a business or warehouse. From accounting to product tracking, monitoring, etc. work can be done instantly. Through this, the accounting process is easy and error-free.

Used in

POS software is used for many types of work. It is mainly used for business organizations. This software can be used for any business organization, big or small.

Preservation of transaction records

All past transactions can be seen by using Warehouse POS Software Bangladesh. Even transactions that are currently taking place are instantly recorded.

Product Tracking

Warehouse POS Software Bangladesh includes Inventory Management System through which any products of the organization can be tracked and monitored. Through this there will also be an idea about the stock of the product. You can order the product as soon as the product is out of stock.

Receipt for each item

POS software can generate receipts with detailed information about all products. This makes product sales easy and customers are satisfied.

Accounting Management System

Annual/monthly sales report and all related calculations can be obtained through this software.

Invoice generation

Through this bill or invoice of any cell can be easily created and printed.

Role of POS Software in Business

POS software is very important in business as it is designed for business organizations. Warehouse POS Software Bangladesh provides the following benefits to business organizations.

Easy configuration and management

Many people now choose POS software for their businesses because of its ease of configuration. This software does not require any training so anyone can use it.

Inventory and VAT benefits

With inventory management system, any product details, tracking, monitoring system can be observed with this software.

Use as per your convenience

This software can be customized according to your business type. Through this, you have the opportunity to use all the features you need.


The role of POS software in managing business activities in an easy way is really commendable. You can take advantage of this software from us without hesitant.

Warehouse POS Software Bangladesh Price

Basic price

15,000 BDT

  • Item production management
  • Manufacture management
  • Row material managemen
  • Product stock management (row and finish)
  • Sales management (customer & wholesale)
  • Staff salary
  • Purchase entry & purchase return
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Term & Condition:

Sunshine Accounting Software helps you stay on top of your business finances
without any accounting knowledge

  •   50% Advance Payment for Work order confirmation
  •   50% Due Payment for Ready Software Setup and Training with Same Day
  •   After Sending Payment Please Confirm By Email/SMS/Phone Call
  •   If sending payment by Bank Please send Account Number For Confirmation
  •  If sending payment by mobile banking Please send Transaction id with Account
  • Yearly Service Charge 2000 Taka (This Charge Added After 1 year Installation Day)
  •  Online support Time Sunday-Thursday (10 Am to 6 PM) Free By (Teamviewer/Anydesk).

After Sales Support

Sunshine Accounting Software helps you stay on top of your business finances
without any accounting knowledge


  •       We Provide Maintenance Service After Software Deliver
  •       Monthly Database and Software  Backup
  •       Software Security Test
  •       Ready Software any kind of Bug Solution
  •       Software Performance  test

Support & Maintenance & Training:

  • Unlimited Support over phone, email or live chat, Team Viewer
  • Video/ Online Training: Free
  • Training in SUNSHINE IT: Free

Note: After Deliver New Features/ Module Development is not Include Maintenance

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